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Spiritus Recordings
In the 2013 National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs, the five-member jury awarded Spiritus the Healey Willan Prize from the Canada Council for the Arts — the competition's grand prize for "most convincing" performance! Listen here.

Spiritus recordings can be purchased several ways:


James MacMillan:
Seven Last Words from the Cross

Conducted by Timothy Shantz


All the Stars
Looked Down

Conducted by Timothy Shantz


Of Stars
and Solitude

Conducted by Timothy Shantz


Never the Same
River Twice

Conducted by David Wilson



Conducted by David Wilson

Seven Last Words from the Cross   All the Stars Looked Down CD   Of Stars and Solitude CD
  Never the Same River Twice CD   Crossing Bridges CD
CD and Quantities

Our newest CD will be a truly special recording for your CD collection! Widely admired as one of James MacMillan’s finest achievements, his Seven Last Words is an absorbing and moving work. This cantata follows Christ's final utterances at the Crucifixion.

Price:  James MacMillan: Seven Last Words from the Cross
CDs are $15 each or $10 each for five or more.

Or view and order it on CD Baby and iTunes.


All the Stars Looked Down is a seasonal offering and a wonderful addition to any musical collection. With selections that span the ages, you will fall in love with the music and voices, including favourites by Chilcott, Willan, and a glorious arrangement of Adestes Fidelis by Enns.

This beautiful CD makes a perfect Christmas present!

Price: All the Stars Looked Down
CDs are $15 each or $10 each for five or more.

Or order online from CD Baby.


In the dark chill of January 2009 and 2010, the members of Spiritus met at the Banff Centre – amidst bright stars, moon-shadows and the quiet solitude of winter – and found warmth, camaraderie and, above all, music. During two winter weekends, Spiritus created this recording, intended to capture a mood of tranquility and inspiration. Encompassing musical and textual themes of love, light, solitude and devotion, we present Of Stars and Solitude.

Price:Of Stars and Solitude CDs are $15 each or $10 each for five or more.  


This eclectic CD features music of five centuries, and includes special guests.

This CD features the world's only double-tone Chinese flautist, David Wei He Yin, national recording artist Peter Knight, flamenco guitar, international recording artist and master drummer from Senegal, David Thiaw, and much more.

Price:Never the Same Rover Twice CDs are $12 each.


Released in 2001, this CD includes Biebl's Ave Maria, Mendelssohn's Kyrie, Monteverdi's Si chi'io vorrei morire, Grieg's Varen and more. There are 18 tracks in all. This CD features guest artists Okarina, Chellan Hoffman, Amir Amiri, Sarah Nelson, Chris Jennings, Janet Rendell, and Victor Coelho.